Wall Hanging Wreath with Ombre Macrame


Ohfriday x The Knotella Collaboration 

Macrame designs are 100% handcrafted by Knotella and made with durable cotton cord. They are dip-dyed in a colour accordingly to your preference. You may curate your own text wreath appropriate for the occasion.

Colours can be chosen to fit the interior colour theme of your house. Whether it is for a wedding, or for a housewarming gift, it can be perfect for both occasions nonetheless.

Just let us know your text, the colour and design of the macrame fringing below (:

This is a delicate stunning piece to handle with care. Email us if you like to customize your own design.

*Please note that due to the hand dyed nature of the chords, variations will occur

*Cream Cotton Cords will be used as the base, dyed colours will flow first followed by cream