Chinese Floral Family Wreath


Curated garden theme with handmade paper butterfly, flowers and surname cutout to adorn your main door and wall. Personalised door wreath is a beautiful accessory and friendly way to welcome guest to your home.

Due to the handmade nature, wreath takes approximately 7 working days.

*Cane wreath is exclusively manufactured by Ohfriday’s factory & our plaque are made in house by our designer @thefloralpetal*


  • $ 0.00
  • For 家 selection please key in the exact Chinese Character Surname only
  • For 家
  • Designer will curate the colour theme accordingly to the peony colour you have selected.
  • Total



  • Size of Cane wreath 30cm
  • Thickness of Plywood 5mm
  • Material: Wood / Acrylic
  • Laser Cut