Couple Gifts Bundle


Customized couple coasters with your individual name or hashtag engraved on it. Bundle them with our acrylic message frame to enjoy the best deal.

The acrylic piece will be slid into the wooden frame to securely hold your vows upright and in place when on display. A keepsake that will truly last a lifetime.

This bundle is perfect for Valentine’s Day, anniversary, wedding and housewarming gifts.

  • $ 0.00
  • Name / Words at the top will be cursive. To ensure maximum clarity, please keep your text to under 120 words. Please contact us directly if you like further customisation.
  • Text refers to the word "Love" on the wooden frame. Text is customizable.
  • Our designer will assist with the floral / leaf design. Do note that each piece will be different. Please contact us directly if you have preferences.
  • Cross ribbon tie on frame.
  • Total



Small Frame: 7″ by 7″ / 17 cm x 16 cm acrylic