Floral Unit Number

From: $39.90

There are more than 10 ways to arrange this set of unit numbers! We had fun with the layout and it certainly looks classy at your entrance. If you’re going for a minimalist design but still like a little element to it, this is perfect!

Do PM us if you like the stencil to come in a certain layout, if not we will be providing the standard template. (as per display photo)


*we use blu tac to adhere it to the wall

*not liable for any damages on the wall


  • Based on height of the signage. Display photo features 35cm
  • $ 0.00
  • Total



  • Size of signage 25,30, 35cm
  • Thickness of Plywood 5mm Acrylic 3mm
  • Material: Wood 0r Acrylic
  • Stencil Frame given for alignment and placement (free to re-arrange)
  • Laser Cut
  • Due to the nature of wood, the grain will vary slightly from what is pictured
Additional information

Additional information


5mm Plywood

Max Dimension

38cm W x 28cm H, 58cm W x 38cm H