Forever Message Keepsake Box


Shipping only for Singapore. Customers from North America & Europe, please click on link to purchase.

Exclusive Collaboration 

Engrave a special message, quote or wedding vows etched into the acrylic as a forever keepsake. It makes a lovely gift accompanied with dried preserved flowers that can be kept in perfect condition for a long time.

The acrylic piece will be slid into the wooden frame to securely hold your message upright and in place when on display. You may also opt without floral to store your own dried flowers that was given during a special occasion or during your wedding. Great as a sentimental keepsake!

The text is engraved into clear acrylic for a transparent, glass effect that makes it look like its floating.  A keepsake that will truly last a lifetime.




Our engraved acrylic are 100% permanent.

Keepsake box: Height 28.6cm Breadth 22.6cm  Width 7.1cm