Backdrop Signage Dinosaur Theme

From: $60.00

Transform your birthday celebration into a prehistoric adventure with our customizable Dinosaur Theme Backdrop Wood Signage. This unique piece of decor is the perfect addition to your dino-themed party, allowing you to personalize it with your own birthday message.

Whether it’s “Roar-some Birthday Bash” or “Jurassic Adventure Awaits,” you can choose the text that suits your celebration best. Plus, add an extra layer of excitement by including a cut-out of a fearsome T. rex or playful Dino footprints, enhancing the overall charm of your party setting. Use it as a focal point for photos, as a backdrop for your cake table, or even as a welcome sign to greet your guests.

*No preview of artwork unless requested for*

  • $ 0.00
  • Fixed Font and all capital letters. Max length of 58cm. Words are not connected (individual piece) and might have loose pieces within a letter depending on which alphabet.
  • Cap sensitive. Words are not connected, individual piece.
  • 26 by 13.3cm
  • 3.9 x 5cm x 2 pieces
  • Display photo features stained wood
  • Total



  • Max Main text length: 58cm T Rex 26 x 13.3cm Foot Print 3.9 x 5cm
  • Artwork will be provided for confirmation upon request
Additional information

Additional information


5mm Plywood

Max Dimension

38cm W x 28cm H, 58cm W x 38cm H