Daisy Keychain Embroidery Pouch


Make it uniquely yours by adding a personalized touch. Choose the thread color for the embroidered name, allowing you to express your individuality or create a heartfelt gift for a loved one. The custom name embroidery adds a layer of exclusivity, turning the pouch into a cherished keepsake.

Customizable Zipper/ thread /Daisy Color:

We understand that every detail matters. That’s why we offer a range of zipper colors for you to choose from. Match the zipper to your personal style or the thread color for a harmonious look, or create a playful contrast that adds a pop of color to your pouch. (fixed font)

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  • Length: 21cm
  • Width: 13.5cm
  • Material: 8 oz canvas
  • Inner fabric Lining – Water Resistant
  • Colour Zip : Red, Light Pink, Pink, Green, Dark Green, Blue, Yellow, Black, Purple