Happiness Floral Family Wreath


Curated with a romantic garden theme with handmade paper butterfly, glitter bird, flowers and surname cutout to adorn your main door and wall. Peony is used as its the symbol of spring, happy marriage and good fortune thus we hope that it brings about happiness to your home.

Personalised door wreath is a beautiful accessory and friendly way to welcome guest to your home.  Do note if you have selected the 春 English Surname Cut out the design will be the romantic theme Happiness wreath.

Due to the handmade nature, wreath takes approximately 7 working days.

*Cane wreath is exclusively manufactured by Ohfriday’s factory & our plaque are made in house by our designer @thefloralpetal*


  • Total



  • Size of Cane wreath 30cm
  • Thickness of Plywood 5mm
  • Material: Wood / Acrylic
  • Width of 春 – 12cm
  • Laser Cut