Lattice Wau Bulan Plaque

From: $65.90

Designed exclusively for the 2o24 Hari Raya Collection.

Inspired by the intricately designed Malaysian moon-kite, our Wau Bulan Plaque has been transformed into a customizable piece.

Crafted with care and attention to detail, this piece is not only a celebration of Hari Raya but also a timeless symbol of cultural heritage that elevates your homes with a touch of tradition.

*This product is for decoration only and should not be left with a child unsupervised. Do not hang this product above a crib or anywhere else that it may cause a hazard. *



  • Size of plaque 30 by 27.44cm
  • Thickness of Plywood 5mm
  • Material: Wood / Acrylic
  • Laser Cut
  • Due to the nature of wood, the grain will vary slightly from what is pictured
Additional information

Additional information


5mm Plywood

Max Dimension

38cm W x 28cm H, 58cm W x 38cm H