Monogram Towel

From $9.90 onwards

Fitness Activist Microfibre Towels are light, soft, compact, highly absorbent, resistant to odors and machine washable. They come in different colors all with one purpose: Keeping You Dry. The elastic band attached makes them easy to fold and carry. You can take them with you anywhere… in your Backpack, Bag, Luggage and even your pockets.

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The Sports towel is ideal for the Gym, Cycling, Crossfit, Running or just for carrying daily. The Bath towel can be perfect for the Beach, Yoga, Gym or after a Bath. Our microfibre material has more elasticity then traditional towel fabrics, its lighter and softer, does not require ironing, it’s easy to wash, and dries quickly. Our advanced towels have proven durability and don’t fade.

Size dimensions:

  • Face Towel: 30cm x 60cm (~50g)
  • Sports Towel: 40cm x 80cm (~80g)
  • Bath Towel: 60cm x 120cm (~170g)
  • Yoga Towel: 60cm x 180cm (~230g)

Compact Size:

  • Face Towel (8cm x 5.5cm)
  • Sports Towel (12cm x 5.5cm dia)
  • Bath Towel (15cm x 7cm dia)
  • Yoga Towel (20cm x 8cm dia)

Open Size:

  • Face Towel (30cm x 60cm)
  • Sports Towel (40cm x 80cm)
  • Bath Towel (60cm x 120cm)
  • Yoga Towel (60cm x 180cm)