Monogram Yoga Mat

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To enjoy the ideal effect during yoga, a suitable and comfortable yoga mat is essential. The Fitness Activist PVC Yoga Mat provides a super comfort and sturdy surface for your yoga routine. High density construction stabilizes your balance and offers firm base. You won’t sink while doing your Tree Pose!

  • Lightweight material, perfect for travel and home use
  • Versatile for daily use and easy-to-clean
  • Sticky, high performance design that grips almost any surface
  • Soft, comfortable and offers users of all fitness levels support and stability
  • Cap sensitive (if applicable)
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Great for beginners, as well as advanced yoga practitioners, Fitness Activist PVC Yoga Mat is lightweight and easy to carry to the gym or studio. It is great for travel and easy to store too.

Our Yoga Mat is suitable for all ages, and offers excellent insulation and help block cold and dampness from the ground. Smooth and flexible, they are perfect for push-ups, for use as bedding or even for elderly fitness.

Our yoga mat will make working out the best part of your day!



Material: PVC
Dimensions: 173cm x 61cm
Thickness: 6mm
Weight: Approx. 1160g


Embroidery Size:

Monograms: ~8cm in height
Wreath Name: ~8cm in height
Font Name: ~3cm in height

Additional information

Additional information




173cm x 61cm x 6mm



Monogram Height