Photo Arch YEARLY Milestone Board

From: $100.00

Reusable board every year to showcase your child’s growth from Jan – Dec!

We have value-added the board by introducing an additional add-on of acrylic name for you to change the name if you have more than 1 child!  Just switch around (using blu tac) during birthday season and for the rest of the year, the acrylic names can be displayed in their room! (If you have opted for a second name we won’t be pasting the name on the board so you can switch it whenever!)  Definitely a great keepsake piece!

Photo size is 3R and we do not provide printing services therefore please get your own photos ready.

Engraving lines for the photo will be done for your pasting reference.

Item takes 5-6 working days to process and 1-2 days for courier delivery. If anything earlier please opt for express delivery. If you do require further customization to this, please PM us for a quotation.


  • Total




  • Size of Board  59cm by 39cm
  • Thickness of Plywood 4mm
  • Material: Wood, Acrylic
  • Laser Cut
  • Due to the nature of wood, the grain will vary slightly from what is pictured